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Dr. John Riehm, MD with over 34 years of experience and a former electronical engineer for General Electric, Zerox & Texas Instrument, calls the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs “one of the very best that you’re ever going to find!”

Dr. John G. Riehm, MD has 34 years of experience and a background in internal medicine from the University Of Louisville School Of Medicine. What makes him especially unique and such a great doctor to work with is that he also has a degree in electrical engineering and has worked for GE, Zerox, and Texas Instruments!

As someone who has suffered from chronic leg pain for the last 5 years, and couldn’t find relief from other massage chairs, Dr. Riehm did some thorough investigating for himself to find a solution to his pain. After reviewing hundreds of chairs, he realized that Medical Breakthrough Massage Chairs were superior in both design and mechanics, something that his background in electrical engineering and working for some of the biggest companies in the U.S. helped confirm.

After ordering and using the chair for himself, Dr. Riehm was amazed that the chronic pain in his legs was dramatically reduced. He is very pleased that the Medical Breakthrough Massage Chair has also given him timely and convenient relief he needed for his severe lower back pain and scoliosis that had been neagtively impacting the quality of his life.

“The features I feel are unique to Medical Breakthrough and you will have a hard time finding them in any other chair. I believe that this chair is one of the very best that you’re ever going to find. I really believe that the quality of it will express itself to you once you get in it and experience it yourself.” ~ Dr. John Riehm


“I am a medical doctor with degrees in electrical engineering and math. I can appreciate a machine with a well-executed design. My Medical Breakthrough chair is one of those machines.”

“Having used it every day (It's easy to get addicted to using!) my impression is WOW!”

“The hand and arm massages should help anyone with rheumatoid arthritis and any other hand arthritis. The back massages are much quieter and vastly better than the cheaper massage chair I had before. The neck massage is more thorough also.”

“I LOVE the hip rock setting as well as the shoulder massage; neither was on my cheaper chair. What’s really cool is the stretch mode that stretches my back and hips.”

“The main reason I purchased this chair was to help with chronic cramps in my calves. The former chair didn't help much but this chair relaxes my calves tremendously!”

“I haven't tried the music option yet but expect nice results with that. The negative ionizer is a neat touch also.”

“All in all, this chair is comparable in price to other high end chairs but seems to offer more and better options.”

"It truly seems to be a 'Medical Breakthrough' in massage chairs."

John G. Riehm, MD.
Specializes in Allergy & Immunology Medicine
Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering
Masters in Mathematics